Ss seal
The seal is the Naut confederation starter sub. It has a resemblence to existing Deep Submerging Veichles. The greatest resemblence is&nbsp

to the French DSV Natulie or the Russian MIR 1/2 subs (not to be confused with the space station)


The sub looks like the Russian or French dsv's. It is about the same size but the robot arms and the visible propeller have ben removed. The sub is blue-grey, has a large window in front and 2 stablisers in the middle. This feature is seen on the Russian MIR's but as a t-tailwing in the back of the dsv's. The sub unlike the united states or any navy's in commission "war submarines" [ex.uss virginia] or the 2 operational dsvs the most famous in the world dsv-2 (aka Alvin (which is out of commision for the year for upgrades by woods hole oceanagrapic institution), dsv-4 sea cliff (alvins lone sister-sub not in a museum) or the japanese dsv it dosent have the island (the part of most subs or any aircraft carrier that is above the main hull/flight deck) its small gun number 5 (6 counting the lone sentry gun) makes it not well armed after level 10 when the sub Posiedon h becomes avalible to the nauts clan player


  • maximum number of sonic cannons: 5
  • max cargo (no expanders): 25
  • max cargo with expanders : depends on what kind of expander(s) and how many are instaled max expanders 10
  • max # of sentry guns: 1
  • hit points (no hull upgrades) 5000
  • hull additions 10
  • speed 1200
  • nanogens 1
  • this sub is a free repair cadet sub