Intro Edit

Speed is a quantifiable mechanic used to determine the velocity of an object, both in game and in real world. In game, speed is increased by adding Turbines to a sub. Unlike SP and HP, there is NO variable competing with it (SP and HP are inversely proportional yet would do little to influence the overall outcome of a battle situation, unless certain kinds of ammo is used). Therefore the speed is considered an independent factor being influenced only by the number of turbines that can be equipped.

Extremes Edit

There are two extremes in terms of speed. Min and Max. The min or lowest speed is found on the Tydeus and the Max speed is 2 000 which is found on the Skonos and the Diablo. The lowest maximum speed is found on the Tydeus X or other subs of similar pedigree.

Turbines Edit

Turbines are a mechanic used to increase speed. They can be found from levels 1-3 with the best considered being Elite turbines.

Level 1 Edit

Level required: 1

Speed per turbine: 2

Price: 10 000 Cel

Level 2 Edit

Level required: 10

Speed per turbine: 4

Price: 25 000 cel

Level 3 Edit

Level required: 35

Speed per turbine: 6

Price: 50 000 cel

Elite turbine: Edit

Level required: 1

Speed per turbine: 10

Price: 4 500 Helix (converts to 45 000 cel at a 1:10 ratio)

Price to performance of Turbines Edit

The formula to be used will be speed/price to obtain a decimal, and a decimal with higher value denotes a better price to performance ratio. For Helix items, the price will be converted to cel.

Level 1: 0.0002

Level 2: 0.00016

Level 3: 0.00012

Elite: 0.0002

Elite of avg bid price of 23 000 cel: 0.0004

The most economical choice would be Level 1 or bidding on elite turbines. Level 2 turbines are also a valid option but the level restrictions make it a slightly worse choice. Avoid purchasing level 3 turbines at all cost.

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