The Skonos is a top-of-the-line sub. It is more powerful than the previous elite sub (Diablo, Warmaran, Leviathan) in terms of base HP and hull slots, but has the same firepower. It is unique in being available to all confederations. The other two variants appear in red and yellow for Jafnar and Scion respectively.


Naut Skonos


Skonos requires 220,000 battle points to get. It closely resembles a spaceship.


  • Sonic cannons: 110
  • Turbines: 100
  • Hull slots: 130
  • Add on modules: 8
  • Cargo bay: 600
  • Speed: 1,000
  • Health/Shield: 65,000
  • HP regeneration: 55
  • SP regeneration 255
  • Sentry guns: n/a