the phoenix is the sicone level 15 shadow sub the equivalent of the nauts patron


it bares some resembelance to a wwii sub as it looks like a captred and modified omikron and has one of its 2 fins in the same location and shape the island (the large part that sticks up from the main body on most actual submarienes). it also has a larger fin sticking out the back looking like a bilge keel (on any ship, the keel is the part of the ship that you can't see unless its drydocked,you just jumped off of it to go diving. or [heaven forbid] its sinking. the bilge keel is the section of a ship that has a sharp metal plate sticking out on iether side to assist in stablising the vessel) it also appears to have vents on it or water and cirtain compoponents of the engines are the only places other than the bathroom or in a subs case ballast tanks that water can be in the ship as whear do you think the steam to drive the propellers comes from?


sonic cannons:

sombody who knows its stats plese fill it in