The naut patron

The Patron is a sub available at level 15, it is known as a shadow sub. It is a compainion of combat sub omikron and mercant sub manticore.


The patron and its sucessor, the Patron X, differ from the majority of the other subs in the nauts arsenal as it dosen't have any resemblence to a real world submarine. It is about the same size as Omikron but mutch more bulky, looking like the Omikron with a bunch of metal boxes welded to its hull. The bulkiness may explain the reduced speed at 900 compared to omikrons 950 and the merchant subs manticores 850.


The sub is medium armed in the level 15 trio at 20 (24 counting auto-attack sentrys) guns. it carrys 80 stock cargo but is still no match for manticore in cargo space or omikron in fire power.



* speed (stock) 900
  • h/sp 15,000 stock
  • max sonic cannons 20 (upgraded from 15)
  • sentry guns 4
  • max cargo (no expanders) 80
  • max hull upgrades: 20
  • turbine additions 20
  • max cargo expander additions 20
  • max nalogens 4
  • cost 25,000 cel
  • cost to repair if your sunk 175 helix = 25% hp full sheild