the omikron X is the upgraded lvl 15 omikron it is a combat sub and the companion of patron X and manticore X. it is the attack sub of the nauts x-class

Omikron x


The Omikron X is a clone of the Omikron, though is vastly superiror. It's counterparts are the Ifrit X (Jafnar)


This sub is combat oriented, therefore PvP and PvE should be no trouble, however its cargo is extremely unsuited for making bulk runs.


  • sonic cannons: 55
  • turbines: 40
  • hull upgrades: 45
  • add on modules: 4
  • cargo (stock): 125
  • speed: 1,150
  • h/sp: 30,000
  • cargo expanders: n/a
  • sentrys: n/a