To clear confusion about the new naskaar gates & there related items this page will help you

Lamed gateDaleth gate
Zade gate

Zade Gate

Naskaar DebrisEdit

Naskaar Debris is an item like the helix exept killing the fish wont get you 1 "n.d." (Nasskarr Debris/ level 1-34) or 2 (level 35+ monsters) per kill. The n.d. is collected by sailing around the depths and picking up the various items you see floating around just like helix. You can use this Debris to get extra spins at the lab without harming your helix account. The debris is presumably broken so sorry you cant use it on the gates.

The LabEdit

The lab is where the Nasskarr Debris or (and we do not recommend) your helix [note 100 h per additional spin] Can be used to gain "free" elite items also keeping your helix account healthy unless its what you are using for additional spins. Here's how it works: the player gets one free spin per day and the choice of a multiplayer (highly recommended because you get more stuff) the spin gives you a completely random item usually a type of weapon ammo (most often level 1 sonic cannon ammo) or free energy cells. Here are the items / chances.

  • Sonic cannon ammo : 55.1%
    • torpedos : 27.2%
    • Naskaar gates relics 8.5%
    • Depth charges: 1%
    • Mines : 2%
    • decoys: 2%
    • Energy cells : 5 %
    • Other stuff left out of 100 %
    • any item ammunition is used by : 0 %
    • Any sensor, sub, or nanogens : 0 %

the subs Edit

There are 9 subs available to win, 3 for each confederation, 1 per completed gate. The Nauts Zade subs are yet to be seen but are presumably more powerful than the mighty warmaran the scion subs are 2/3 yet to be seen but one has been seen and is more powerful then warmaran since its capable of sinking it (though it did have assistance when it attacked this writer). Jhafanar is also yet to be seen

People have completed the zade gates and the zade sub does not do anything but change the appearence of the sub.