Namia is the Scion's starter station, and you can only do standard things; Trade Items(Commodities), and Repair Sub. The fact that it is Scion is made obvious, by the large (Scion) Annihilator Cannons planted all over the station.

Coordinates are:

X ~176800
Y ~50200
Z 100

The Market List is as following:

Item Name Image Sale Properties
Plutonium Plutonium Sell Only
Magnesium Magnesium Buy Only
O2 (Oxygen) O2 Sell Only
Raw Materials
Diamonds Diamonds Sell Only
Quartz Quartz
Gold Gold
Sulfur Sulfur
Cowrie Shell Cowrie Shell
Salt Crystals Salt Crystals
Coal Coal
Stone Stone
Magma Magma
Mother-of-Pearl Mother-of-Pearl
Pearl Pearl
Starfish Starfish
Amber Amber
Obsidian Obsidian