The underwater (not to be confused with the kind you get [any metal or gem] out of) mines are arguably the most dangerous of all weapons. They work like real mines, minus the anchor and cable. A sub lays them and they spin until something hits them. In crowded areas if a fish hits the mine before your sub is far enough away you take damage from your own wepon.


the standard mine: this one is a ball of doom it works well on level on level 1-20 monsters,after which the monster only takes damage

    • min level: 20
    • damage 1,000 same as level 1 torpedo
    • cost 500 cel or a nasskarr debris
  • pro mine: this one has more bumps and is more destructive

min level 45 damage N/A cost N/A

  • elite mine: this one bears closest resemblance to a real mine it has spikes and causes mass destruction
    • min level: 1
    • damage :10,000
    • cost: 99 helix