Krid is the Jafnhar station in the Battle-Zone. It has less than basic features; Trade Items and Repair Sub. Commodities can not be sold in Krid, or the rest of the Battle-Zone; only Raw Materials. You can/will be attacked regardless of race, because there is no Safe-Zone. An image of the station will be here soon.

Coordinates are:

X ~Unknown
Y ~Unknown
Z Unknown

The Market List is as following:

Item Name Image Sale Properties
Can Not Be Bought/Sold
Raw Materials
Diamonds Diamonds Sell Only
Quartz Quartz
Gold Gold
Sulfur Sulfur
Cowrie Shell Cowrie Shell
Salt Crystals Salt Crystals
Coal Coal
Stone Stone
Magma Magma
Mother-of-Pearl Mother-of-Pearl
Pearl Pearl
Starfish Starfish
Amber Amber
Obsidian Obsidian