Lynx and kataan

Lynx and Kataan.




Lynx is a low level NPC found in the starting area, around Shael, Nexolis, Namia and Tanis, along with the Kataan. It the latter is level 5, while the former is level 10 and both can be easily destroyed even by beginners, and to be destroyed by one is a disgrace. However, there is a high level NPC with exactly the same image called the Skiach, which is about level 50 and 3 can even destroy a ill equipped Posidon. (Personal experience). Luckily, it resides in Zone 9 (around Thalys) only, whereas the Lynx lives in Zone 1-2. A low level player who confuses those WILL be destroyed. The SkiaTch is highly aggresive while the Lynx and Kataan are not.

A Skiatch is more than a match for the beginner sub, and will overpower the second cadet sub. But the level 15 combat sub can easily destroy them. However, the Skiatch will take some time and good amunition to kill, and during this time, other NPCs in the same area (Elope, Fungari and Gefion) may be attracted to the battle and then there is a serious problem. A swarm of Skiatchs will easily overpower newer players. But there is one point worth mentioning. The Skiach gives 7 Obsidian and 550 cel, amounting to a total of 1005.

I haven't gathered information about Incubus and it's boss yet, apart from that the Boss Incubus belongs in this group, the boss is level 80, and he is not aggressive. Strangely, the normal Incubus is in the Astatine group.

There are other higher level NPCs with the same image, but I haven't ventured beyond half of zone 9 and a little bit of zone 10, so I am unable to include them.

Help in completing table will be appreciated.

NPC Level Range Damage Health Wreckage Rewards
Kataan 5 Zone 1 14-16 ~250 1 starfish 45 cel, 1 helix, 37 exp
Lynx 10 Zone 1 35-40 ~500 2 stone 40 cel, 1 helix
Genbu 10 Zone 1 50 ~600
Skiach 57 Zone 9 500-700 ~3000 4-7 Obsidian

550 cel 2 Helix

Boss Incubus 80 Zone 10 8-11k ~128k

Boss incubus