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How it works: Newbies Start with 3000 Helix, so get into your rookie ships and pick as much flotsam as you can, do not kill anything..(Very important when I say do not kill anything, there is a reason for this)

I suggest you fit your rookie ships with as many turbines and nano-shields as possible. Hint: If you tank with your shields, you can repair with Cel quickly... Buy the turbines and nano-shields with the Cel you made from picking up flotsam.

The tactic is, speed is your best friend. So if your rookie ship has 1200 speed, get it higher. By doing this you can escape the fish that can kill you in 3-6 vollies.

Next, go to some remote places, stay near the edges of the map— I personally enjoyed discovering the map this way. The goal is to find flotsam with Helix in it. I had good results in the north eastern parts of the map.

It will take you several days to get enough Helix, but when you get to 5000 Helix total, buy a Flotsam Detector.

Ok, now you are ready to make some serious Helix.

Once you have the Flotsam Detector, go back to the rookie areas of the map; Shael, Namia, Nexolis, etc. with the Flotsam Detector you will be able to find Neo-Capsules (You cant miss them because they look very different). Don't go to the dangerous places, Neo-Capsules are more abundant in the rookie sectors.

Now the explanation of why you should not kill anything comes in. The Neo-Capsules will give you Helix and EP (experience points) approx. 10-40 helix and 10 EP on average. So, every capsule you find will give you that small bit of experience. An issue is that your Flotsam Detector will deactivate after you reach level 16, but you can find a lot of Neo-Capsules before you reach that level. If you don't kill fish, you have more time to collect Neo-Capsules. It's that simple. However, be careful: some neo capsules contain isntant level ups, and therefore could ruin your entire plan.

It's also good, that if you end up killing fish anyway, to simply get yourself killed alot. You will lose 10% of your EXP Points every time you die. Dying over and over again takes too long, though, so you're better off just not killing them.

I also suggest you buy a Protective Seal as your Helix grows; with that you can go into the diamond areas and players cannot kill you.

It took me 2 weeks, but I made 100,000 helix and 1,000,000 cel (in the diamond sectors doing this). The Helix helped me buy a nice faction ship and the cel paid for my ammo so I could level quick once I reached 17.

- Naudic

-Tiny, slightly stupid anal-retenant errors revised by Hito-Nanashi