Intro Edit

The Diablo SX is a combat sub available at level 1. It costs 25 000 Helix and is NOT available in the marina. Because of it's relatively low stats, it is recommended to either wait and bid on a Diablo, or save up for the Ifrit X. The sub is a step down from the Ifrit X and is considered on near equal terms with the Tiamat X, however has a decent cargo of 250.

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Stats Edit

HP: 27 000 with 24 hp regen and 90 sp regen

Cargo: 250

Spd: 1 000

Hull Slots: 50

Sonic cannon slots: 45

Turbine slots: 45

Add on's: 3

Tips Edit

Early in the game the sub decent, but one should consider the following

1) It cannot go against a maxed out Ifrit X

2) It is not available for auction

3) Past zone 10, the sub is useless

4) It is a tempting kill for larger subs