Intro Edit

The Diablo is an elite sub available in the merchant for 99 000 helix or in the marina for auction. The sub is rivaled in raw stats only by the Skonos. It is available from level 1. For beginners it is recommended to arm it with standard sonic cannons first and then replace them later as the stats can be too much to handle initially. The cargo is on equal terms of the Tydeus X.

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Stats Edit

HP: 60 000 with 51 hp regen and 224 sp regen

Cargo: 500

Spd: 1 000

Hull slots: 110

Sonic cannon slots: 110

Turbine Slots: 100

Add on's: 6

Tips Edit

Because of its immense potential, some should consider the following:

It may be too much in the beginning, as a poorly configured Diablo is an easy kill

Don't be drawn away by its relatively average base speed, its maximum is 2 000, the same as the Skonos

As of now, the bidding price is fairly low

Always have a backup sub (Ifrit or similar and not a Ragnarok) as repairs are expensive (700 helix for 25% hp repair)