SRK (Shark Ravening Killers)

In Deepolis, there are groups called clans. If you are a Scion, you would join a Scion clan. If you were a Naut you would join a Naut clan. For Jafnhars it would be the same. The leader of a clan can give Cel (Deepolis currency), and items from the Merchant and Marina. Most clans accept anybody, but some clans require you to have elite items or meet a certain standard before you can join the clan. Most members in clans fight together, hunt together, and chat together in the clan chat. If you want to join a clan you willl need 10k cel. this might be hard to earn when you are a newbie, but you should join a clan first thing when you have 20k cel from joining Deepolis. If you want to found a clan, you willl need 500k cel. This is for bigger and higher level players. I would not recommend founding a clan when you are virtually unknown to other players when you are a lower level. If you are not what the clan leader wants from you or you are an inactive player, he/she might expel you from the clan. Here are some popular Scion AND Naut clans

Scion: 1. ]=SRK=[ (Shark Ravanging Killers) (Elite)

' 2.*=C2C'=* (Sea-to-Sea) (Scion)

3.-=S_I=- (Scions Incorperated)

4. (*KWB*) (Killer Water Bugs)

Naut: 1. ++SRK++ (Shark Ravanging Killers) (Naut) and (+SRK+) (Shark Ravanging Killers for Nauts

2. +-UFF-+

3. [*BOB*] ( Reunited Band of Brothers)

New Picture from Deepolis SRK