Intro Edit

The Boss Chelone is a low level boss. It is one of the few NPCs to have SP as well as HP. It resembles a morda and its level is 30. The damage output is relatively low compared to other bosses and only shoots when its SP is depleted, therefore it can be considered not aggressive.

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Stats Edit

HP: 100 000

SP: 20 000

Damage: 500-580

Rewards Edit

Cel: 12 000 + 6 000

Helix: 35 + 1

Exp: 880

Cargo Edit

50 Elite ammo

0.25 Jackpot Dollars

10 Stone

10 mother of pearl

5 Quartz

5 Salt Crystal

5 Cowrie Shell

Total Value of cargo Edit

955 cel

Trivia Edit

The boss Chelone is one of the few NPC's to display both Health and SP, with it only attacking when the SP and a third of its health have been depleted

Deepolis Boss Chelone

Deepolis Boss Chelone