A list of the commodities available in Deepolis. If you would like to know about our/my (Negative) policy on Trade Routes, approximately most of the veteran Deepolis players recommend you read it before even thinking about station-to-station trade.

Please note that the price ranges are a work in progres and that they may not be accurate

name picture Buy Sell Buy (min~max)* Sell (min~max)*
Amber Amber Again Thalys, Lima, Tenno Shael, Laos, Nimbos, Nijam 110-118 155-165
Brass Brass Sonaris, Balanza, Delfios Nexolis, Ferox, Kalarahm 8-10 14-15
Berylium Beryllium Krespo, Chelos, Laos Tanis, Balanza, Nimbos, Nexolis 101-102 111-135
Carbon Carbon Skiron, Kalarahm, Nexx, Nijam Paralax, Morca 40-43 53-53
CH4 CH4 Lima, Belgon, Morlach, Hartan Skiron, Taranis, Melock 62-67 83-89
Chrome Chromium Shiva, Laos, Hartan Ferox, Tenno, Valaar 69-72 93-102
Crude Oil Crude Oil Sonaris, Ferox, Belgon, Pandrox Karpost, Ladon, Chelos 85-96 91-105
Fuse Fuse Karpost, Loona, Delfos, Nexx Loki, Delfios, Thalys 27-38 40-48
Helium Helium Ferox, Melock, Morca, Irom Valaar, Delfios, Nexx, Nijam 63-0 77-79
Lead Lead Loki, Balanza, Ferox, Azorn Shiva, Paralax, Lima, Bristle 25-28 28-33
Lithium Lithium Bristle, Delfos, Morca Ladon, Fachalla, Krespo, Irom 50-51 63-65
Magnesium Magnesium Sonaris, Namia, Delfios, Kalarahm Shiva, Skiron, Balanza 15-17 17-20
Maganese Modules Manganese Nexolis, Bristle, Karpost, Paralax Balanza, Sonaris, Delfios, Azorn 5-18 22-25
Natural Gas Natural Gas Shiva, Serendo, Loona Karpost, Paralax, Belgon, Azorn 30-34 32-39
Neon Neon Taranis, Fachalla, Kalarahm Bristle, Morlach, Delfos, Hartan 58-68 73-78
Phosphor Phosphorous Paralax, Taranis, Melock, Irom Serendo, Belgon, Tenno 65-71 75-80
O2 O2 Tenno, Valaar, Chelos, Nimbos Namia, Shiva, Fachalla 96-100 109-145
Platinum Platinum Thalys, Lima, Krespo, Nimbos Loona, Chelos, Nijam 111-124 118-150
Plutonium Plutonium Shiva, Balanza, Serendo, Shael Sonaris, Namia, Tanis 18-24 20-30
Sea Shell Sea Shell Tanis, Morlach, Valaar, Azorn Serendo, Tenno, Kalarahm 22-25 33-37
Silicon Silicon Serendo, Morlach Ferox, Krespo, Laos, Pandrox 83-91 101-101
Titanium Titanium Ladon, Fachalla, Nijam Loki, Lima, Laos, Pandrox 90-94 107-125
Uranium Uranium Karpost, Ladon, Skiron, Pandrox Taranis, Loona, Delfos 59-69 87-92
Whale Oil Whale Oil Tanis, Krespo, Laos Shael, Melock, Morca,Delfos 15-17 28-28
Raw Materials
Amber Amber Sells Everywhere
Coal Coal Flotsam in the Beginner Area
Cowrie Shell Cowrie Shell Flotsam in Zones 1, 3, and 4
Diamonds Diamonds Flotsam in the upper-right area of the map
Gold Gold Flotsam in Zone 16
Magma Magma Flotsam in Zone 10
Mother-of-Pearl Mother-of-Pearl Flotsam in Zones 8 and 10
Obsidian Obsidian Flotsam in Zones 8, 14, and 16
Pearl Pearl
Quartz Quartz Flotsam in Zone 6
Salt Crystals Salt Crystals Flotsam in Zone 6
Starfish Starfish Flotsam in the Beginner Area
Stone Stone Flotsam in the Beginner Area
Sulfur Sulfur Flotsam in the Beginner Area

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